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Risk Profile Questionnaire

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Section 1:

General Information

1. What is your age?
2. What is your annual household income (before tax)?
3. Your investment time horizon is ...
4. Currently your main objective for this investment account is to ...
Maintain the purchasing power of your original investment Generate regular cash flow to meet ongoing expenses Grow your account and draw regular income from the account Grow your account and not draw any income from the account Aggressively grow your account to maximize its value 

Section 2:

Financial Goals

5. The following best describes my need for current income from investments...
I require a high amount of current income I require some current income I require a modest degree of current income (interest plus dividends) I do not require any current income 
6. Even though I feel growth investments have the highest potential for returns over the long-term, I still prefer lower, predictable returns.
Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree 
7. Given your financial goals, how much volatility are you willing to assume to achieve your portfolio’s expected return?
Low volatility, since you require positive returns each year Low to medium volatility, such as negative returns in 1 of every 8 years Medium volatility, such as negative returns in 1 of every 6 years Medium to high volatility, such as negative returns in 1 of every 5 years High volatility, such as negative returns in 1 of every 4 years 
8. How much temporary decline in your investment portfolio could you tolerate over a one-year period?
9. Which of the following statements best describes your reaction if the value of your portfolio suddenly declined by 15%?
I would be very concerned because I cannot accept fluctuations in the value of my portfolio I invest for long-term growth but would be concerned about even a temporary decline If the amount of income I received was unaffected, it would not bother me I invest for long-term growth and accept temporary changes due to market fluctuation 

Section 3:

Investing in your future

10. Assuming that your portfolio decreased in value over a one year period, consistent with other investments of its kind in a year when markets are performing poorly overall, you decide to ...
Cut your losses, sell your investments and hold cash or purchase GICs with your entire account balance Hold on to half of your account as it is invested, and sell the other half to hold cash or purchase GICs Watch the portfolio, and if performance does not improve in 6 months, you will reassess the situation Hold the portfolio and make no changes, you understand that markets can have a number of consecutive poorly performing years Invest additional money in the markets to take advantage of lower current cost 
11. What do you expect the overall average return on your investment portfolio to be over the long term, before tax and inflation?
12. If you could increase your chances of improving your investment returns by taking more risk, would you ...
Be unlikely to take more risk Be willing to take a little more risk with some of your overall portfolio Be willing to take a lot more risk with some of your overall portfolio Be willing to take a lot more risk with your entire portfolio 
13. Choose a scenario that best describes the way you monitor investments.
I look forward to reviewing my portfolio on a daily basis I make it a point to review my portfolio regularly and at least once a month I review my portfolio on a quarterly basis I only review my portfolio once a year 
14. Now is a great time to invest in the market.
Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly agree