Our down-to-earth philsophy: Invest, don't speculate.

Here’s something most professional money managers – “active” managers as they are called – won’t tell you: over time, very few of them outperform the market, net of fees.



For well over 10 years my wife Joanne and I have received sound advice and guidance on retirement planning and on my retirement itself 3 years ago. Kirk's counsel has gone well beyond wealth management and includes tax & estate planning, life and health insurance, and the many personal aspects of the change to a retirement lifestyle.

In particular, Joanne has always felt that her interests and needs are well addressed. He also now handles the affairs for 3 generations in my family including my 3 children and 2 grandchildren. I have also recommended his services to several friends and former work colleagues.

- Paul Allingham



My wife and I have been clients of Paul Bourbonniere for eleven years.

Our primary initial reason for moving to PBF was in order to consolidate diverse investments so as to better monitor our total investment position.

As the experience with Paul unfolded over the years, it became apparent that a broader series of benefits were emerging such as advice on will structure and estate issues. In addition advice on financial assistance for our children was provided.

So our relationship became far broader in scope than financials, and it has evolved to provide for a real need and worry free existence for Eve and me as we move into our senior years.

- Richard Hunter



Our family has been dealing with Polson Bourbonniere Financial for many years. My parents have received wonderful service from both Paul Bourbonniere, and in recent years from Ruth Ashton. She has dealt with them with patience and understanding and instilled in them a real confidence that their interests were being looked after. When I needed financial advice after a divorce, I only considered working with Ruth. She helped me to reorganize my investments and financial strategy for my present needs and the future and has given me that same confidence that my parents have. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth and Polson Bourbonniere Financial knowing that she would give them the same great service.

- Janet Henderson

Mike and Fiona


As the chaos in the financial markets continues unabated - with no end in sight - we are bombarded by many explanations and predictions from those supposedly in the know, as to why this is happening and how much longer it will continue. One thing is for sure – there has been a betrayal of trust on an unprecedented scale, permeating virtually every strata of the financial arena. It is difficult to imagine that the economy can ever fully recover until this trust has been restored and it is a brave man who will predict when that might be.

It is exactly this aspect of trust – an assured comfort level, if you will - that has been the hallmark of our dealings with Polson Bourbonniere, in the person of Lydia Bzowej, over a period of more than 11 years. Lydia is everything a financial advisor should be – she is knowledgeable about the products she has at her disposal, she listens well, her advice is tailored to specific circumstances, she pays meticulous attention to the documentation of decisions taken and ensuing action and she is scrupulously punctual. Above all though, we trust her. And that today, is truly worth its weight in gold.

- Mike and Fiona Cooper



Derek and the team at PB has been an absolute pleasure to work with! He's personally provided us some very good recommendations on trusts, self employment tax structures and insurance which we would not have identified on our own even with a background in financial planning. I'd highly recommend him for strategic, engaging and sincere financial planning advice!

- Tara Smith