Our down-to-earth philsophy: Invest, don't speculate.

Here’s something most professional money managers – “active” managers as they are called – won’t tell you: over time, very few of them outperform the market, net of fees.



Having worked with other Financial Advisors prior to working with Michael Derby I can truly say that his knowledge, expertise, and strategic financial advice are second to none. With Michael’s guidance, I have been able to reach my financial goal of achieving financial independence for my family and myself much more rapidly than I could ever have anticipated, or thought was possible. Michael truly cares about his clients and through his excellent management of our wealth planning, I have the peace of mind knowing that my family and myself have a very bright and positive financial future.

- Phil H.



Ruth helped me understand more about market growth and how different funds worked and took the time to personalize an investment plan that worked best for me. Thanks to Ruth my future is now very bright and secure in knowing I will never outlive my finances.

- Kathy S.



I can say with certainty that Ruth stands out as the best investment mind I’ve ever dealt with over the 40+ years I’ve been investing money. Ruth is responsive and always available, and her office runs like a well-oiled machine.

- Stuart P.



I don’t spend any time worrying about my financial future because I know good people are helping me make smart decisions and that is an incredible feeling to have.

- David H.



Derek’s input has always been proactive, thoughtful, and balanced in terms of both financial matters and personal aspects, adding value with wills and estate planning, and tax planning. Our experience with Derek and PBD truly has been a worry-free experience.

- Paul A.



Derek advises us according to our goals and like a captain of a ship guides us through any fog we may encounter. He has an innate ability to explain concepts, breaking down what may be difficult to comprehend into smaller components quite understandable to us seniors.

- Barb R.