Ahuva Ratner


Investment Advisor, iA Private Wealth


Ahuva Ratner and Life’s Financial Journey

Ahuva Ratner’s journey to her current role as an Investment Advisor at Polson Bourbonniere Derby | iA Private Wealth has been as intricate and surprising as a math equation. 

Raised by her mathematician mother who also handled her family’s finances at home, Ahuva was taught early on the importance of numbers, money and strategic planning. Her mother not only emphasized conventional math but also the practical side, teaching her to find meaning about finances by observing their surroundings and playing math games. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise that, when she married and started her own family, Ahuva took charge of her household’s finances, too. 

Ahuva began her career researching fluid dynamics in Israel. It was an experience that equipped her with the skills to approach any problem with confidence, to accept challenges head-on and to develop a problem-solving attitude. These abilities were also instrumental when she transitioned into the world of business, serving as a VP of marketing and sales, before moving to Canada three decades ago to take on a position as a market analyst.

Despite her success in the corporate world, a yearning to help individuals over companies nudged her toward a career pivot. In 2007, Ahuva began her journey as a financial advisor. Drawing from her rich background, her approach to financial planning became more than just about diving into numbers, focusing instead on her clients’ stories. Then as now, she believes in a holistic approach where she can delve deep into their objectives, needs and aspirations. And instead of dictating what the markets dictate, she listens, simplifies and then works with clients on how investments can be used to help them achieve their goals.

Her philosophy, not surprisingly, is like a straightforward but powerful equation: “Financial planning equals life planning.” 

It’s something that especially resonates with women.

“Many women appreciate this practical approach,” Ahuva says. “Telling people you need x million dollars to retire can paralyze them. Instead I ask them what they would like to do in retirement. Let’s put a cost to it. Nothing is really rigid — it’s a give and take and there’s always a solution.”

Her philosophy also seems to connect with men over 50. She observes that as men age, their perspective on finances aligns more and more with her way of looking at things.

Today and every day, Ahuva’s clients lean on her for guidance on all sorts of decisions, whether it’s investments, buying a car or renovating a home — in other words, life planning. She’s become more than just an advisor to her client. She’s their trusted partner.

On the personal front, Ahuva’s mathematics upbringing didn’t stop with her. She passed on her mother’s practical lessons to her own children. And those methods seem to have worked wonders. Her son is now a nephrologist in Sudbury and her daughter holds an executive position at a company in Scotland. Ahuva is also a proud grandmother and, with her vast experience and wisdom, there’s no doubt she’s passing on invaluable financial and life lessons to the next generation.

Here’s what some of Ahuva’s clients have to say about working with her:

“Ahuva has been our financial advisor since we retired. Her promise to us was that she would do the worrying so that we could enjoy our retirement. And she has kept her word. Her unstinting commitment to her clients is exemplary. She is insightful, knowledgeable and above all a pleasure to work with. She has an amazing memory, pays attention to the big stuff and the nitty gritty and always has her clients interests at heart, putting that before all else. We consider ourselves lucky to have her in our corner and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

— Niki Guner and Michael DeLong

“Ahuva is a joy to work with. She understands my financial goals and has strategically positioned my portfolio to achieve them. She is cognizant of the level of risk that I am comfortable with and always takes that into account. Ahuva explains her recommendations in terms that I can understand so it is easy for me to make informed decisions. Her knowledge and expertise are demonstrated in how well my portfolio has performed.”

— Bette Krasnoff

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